Winter Season – Features and Facts


Winter Season is a very cold season and a  few facts about winter are added below:

  • We can see falling snow and freezing cold temperatures
  • During this season strong winds also blow all around
  • Winter Season generally lasts for three months
  • This season has short days and longer nights
  • People wear thick clothes during Winter

Winter Season – How Does it Look like?

The coldest season of any year is Winter Season. Winter Season falls between Autumn Season and Spring Season.

During this season:

  • Snow is the highlight in hilly regions and snow fall is a pleasant scene to the eyes
  • In most of the places, the temperature drops to very low-level
  • People should wear woolen clothes to develop warmth inside themselves
  • We can also see sleet, hail, and freezing rain during Winter

The Coldest Among The 4 Seasons – Winter:

Among the 4 seasons – Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring, Winter Season is the coldest and:

  • Winter seasons have very short days and very low temperatures
  • Winter is accompanied by:
    • Ice
    • Snow
    • Snowfall
    • Hail
    • Freezing Rain
  • People cannot step out their homes without many layers of clothes on them
  • Trees and plants do not grow during winter season.
  • To survive the cold weather any animals hibernate; yet other animals migrate away to warmer places during Winter

The Most Beautiful Season – Winter Season:

Winter Season is a wonderful season that accompanies a lot of pleasant experiences:

  • The Snowfalls are a great scenery that we cannot see in other seasons
  • Looking at ice on all the things gives a different feeling
  • Hills look amazing and the environment is so lovely with colorful flowers blooming in the morning
  • Many hill stations become the greatest tourist destinations during winter
  • While many other parts of the world are hot, people plan a trip to such places for vacation

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