Why should we protect Our Environment


Why should we protect Our Environment :

  • The earth we live in is the only option for all living things on earth
  • Our environment gives us a lot of things to live mainly air, land and water
  • It is not only enough to use the resources but we should protect them
  • Our life depends on so many non living components
  • It is our duty to save our environment for making a happy life

Why should we protect Our Environment : (Short Essay)

Our environment is the surroundings where we live. There are so many living and non living things around. Some are natural and some are man made. Either way we have come through such a living that we cannot skip these things in our day to day life. So it is very important and need of the hour to preserve all things that make up our environment. There are many ways to protect our environment. It is important to understand them and implement them in our lives.

Why should we protect Our Environment : (Brief Essay)

We are surrounded by our environment which is the most important thing that gives us life.

The 3 most important components of environment that are inevitable in everyone’s life:

Not only these 3, but there are many other components that support life on Earth.

The rocks and minerals we get from the crust of earth (land) is an important source of life. From the weapons that the early man used till the coal and petroleum we use today are from the rocks and minerals.

Water is the essence of life. No man can imagine life without water.

Air is a mixture of gases which again comprises of oxygen that we inhale and many other gases that we either directly or indirectly depend on.

It is true that through direct means or unknowing ways we are poisoning our environment. Such an action of human beings would end up in serious consequences. The depletion of resources on a continuous basis will lead to the endanger of many plants and animals. The whole ecosystem would be disturbed and earth will become an unfit place to live in.

Thus, instead of understanding the reasons that led to what our earth is facing now we can follow steps to preserve the same before it is too late. It is always better late than never.

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