Why save Tigers? (Speech for Students)


Why Save Tigers?

India is a land that attracts people for its valuable culture. Once upon a time people lived with nature and nurtured it as their own. Every life in it was protected and loved by man. That was how a country like India spread its name as the Land of love.

While people today are busy with technology they have almost forgotten to keep up the harmony of nature. As we have started disturbing the course of nature the precious members of it are vanishing one by one. One such charismatic component of environment is the Tiger. Our National Animal is tiger and we were sheltering the Royal Bengal Tiger for centuries. But now, due to human activities the numbers of tigers have very swiftly gone down and we have only around 1411 tigers left in the country.

When we hear such news all we think is “What is just going to happen by the loss of an animal species that is no way related to us?”

If we are to have such a notion we are wrong. When a particular species becomes extinct the whole food chain is disturbed. An ecosystem almost loses its sustainability. This WILL directly or indirectly affect the lives of us (Humans) one day.

In such a context, let’s consider our national animal – Tiger. A tiger is a wild predator that preys upon herbivores which keep grazing the vegetation every day. So the presence of a predator like tiger becomes inevitable in order to maintain the balance of ecosystem. When the population of tigers gradually decreases the ecological balance is questioned. The entire system of nature would stumble.

Understanding the gravity of the situation our government had initiated “Project Tiger” long back in 1973.  Project Tiger is a conservation programme ensuring the viability of Tiger population and protection. This project also came up with Tiger Reserves where tigers were fully protected and allowed to live away from any kind of disturbances. “Save The Tiger” is yet another initiative which goes with the same motto. Government and many other organizations are working hard to bring back the majesty of our country. As wise men, we need to realize that it is not about saving an animal but only saving ourselves! Let’s lend our hands to the government and keep up the concord of nature.

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