Why Fuel Conservation is Essential ?


Why Fuel Conservation is Essential ? :

  • There are two types of fuel – renewable and non-renewable fuel sources.
  • Because of today’s production and overuse of fuels, the fuel sources are getting almost at the verge of running out.
  • It is necessary to find ways to conserve the existing non-renewable fuel sources to avoid any fuel crisis in future.
  • Creating a more sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle is the only way to save our non-renewable fuel resources.

Why Fuel Conservation is Essential ? : (Short Essay)

Fuels are classified as Renewable and non-renewable fuel sources. We use fuels in everyday life for almost everything from cooking to driving. It has become an indispensable matter of today’s lifestyle and almost impossible to image a life without fuels. But the sad thing is that we are experiencing a serious fuel crisis.

The renewable fuel sources like Solar, Wind, Biogas, etc. and the Non-renewable Fuel Sources like fossil fuels like coal, petrol, diesel, etc. are starting to decline. It is high time we conserve our fuels at the earliest to save our future from running out of fuel. Particularly the fossil fuels are the ones that needs to be conserved first as it takes thousands of years for new reserves to be formed. This is why it is necessary that we take the necessary measures to conserve our fossil fuels resources.

Why Fuel Conservation is Essential ? : (Brief Essay)

Fuel is any material that can be used to produce an energy by either burning or heating. Today’s life is almost dependent on fuels. Fuels are broadly classified as Renewable Fuel Sources – which are Solar, Wind, Tidal, Biogas, etc. and Non-renewable Fuel Sources – which include fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal, kerosene, etc.

Today, we are in a huge fuel crisis. Fuel conservation is necessary to preserve fuels for future. When we use cars, we are using fossil fuel derivatives like Petrol, diesel. When we cook, we are using Kerosene, methane gas, which are also fossil fuels. The Coal used in our thermal power plants are also a part of fossil fuel used to generate electricity. Similarly, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LPG) are also fossil fuels used for domestic purposes. The increasing population and production of goods is increasing the amount of fuel used. This is making the nature to be left with no fuels in future.

To conserve fuel, you have to start with making a sustainable lifestyle with lesser fuel usage. We have to depend more on renewable resources than non-renewable resources. We need to choose for fuel alternatives that are eco-friendly. Lesser use of carbon emitting domestic products like air conditioners and fuel consuming vehicles should be avoided or at least minimized in usage. This way, you can conserve the natural fuels and help nature replace it in time.

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