Why cleanliness matters?


Cleanliness is Godliness :

  • By being clean we keep ourselves from many diseases
  • By being clean we also prevent ourselves from many diseases
  • By keeping our environment clean we make Earth a more beautiful place to live in
  • People like to dwell in clean places

Cleanliness is Godliness : (Short Essay)

Cleanliness begins from self. Keeping the environment clean is the duty of each and every individual. By not taking part in this activity in our day to day life, we pave way to serious diseases. By following few simple steps we can keep ourselves and the environment clean. Cleanliness must be made compulsory in every place. We should march towards a clean India and make India a disease free country.

Cleanliness is Godliness : (Brief Essay)

Our first duty in life is to create a clean environment and máke no harm to others through our deeds.

Our way of living and simple habits impact our environment in a very big way. Whether we believe or not, s clean environment is definitely a safe environment. So cleanliness should me a priority in our life.

Ensuring a clean environment is not a very difficult task. Clean environment can be a possible vision if he keep ourselves clean in first place. The next thing we need to do is follow the below simple steps:

  • Never spit in public places
  • Never litter on roads and put all waste in bins only
  • Avoid using plastics so that they are not dumped more and more in the environment
  • Do not throw waste in water – once a small part of sea/river/lake is contaminated it is very difficult to clean it again

Such steps can be easy but following them makes the difference. We should encourage others also to take part in creating a clean environment again. The awareness on necessity of cleanliness is the need of the hour.

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