What makes a Person a Good Teacher or Doctor etc ?


What makes a Person a Good Teacher or Doctor etc ? :

  • A person becomes a great icon with lots of efforts
  • But these efforts can be easily attained
  • The key to become the best personality is discipline
  • Discipline can take us to pinnacle of glory

What makes a Person a Good Teacher or Doctor etc ? : (Short Essay)

What is the secret of success? What makes a person different from another?  The answer is individuality.  This individuality comes from showing our best; at the right place at the right time. Great ambitions have been easily reached through constant Perseverance.  Those who pursue become great examples and those who follow become one too.  Any aim of our life can be easily attained if we are inspired. The moment we feel filled with positive attitude the next moment becomes the beginning of victory.

What makes a Person a Good Teacher or Doctor etc ? : (Brief Essay)

Everyone of us have great desires in life. When we aim at great heights we reach it with endless efforts. If we can understand how our teachers, the doctors we meet and engineers we know reached to the level they are today we can also learn their path way.

A teacher is a mentor whose service cannot be repaid by money. A teacher is the one who shapes an individual. Similarly a doctor needs a lot of perseverance. Heartfelt dedication and commitment to Job only can make a perfect doctor. Without hard work no doctor would have become famous.

There are many roles that inspire us, but one that would definitely make us feel proud are the army of India. We cannot imagine a peaceful country without a dedicated army in the border. The sacrifice of our military men is always memorable and we should learn a lot from the soldiers who safeguard our frontiers.

Life is a journey that takes us to a destiny. We do not know where life takes us to. But with right decisions and inspirations we can shape ourselves and be more successful throughout our journey

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