What is earth made up of ?


What is earth made up of ? :

  • Earth is a planet with rocks and minerals filled all over it
  • Earth can be divided into 3 layers
  • They are crust, mantle and core
  • The mountains, land and oceans rest on the crust
  • The crust is a main part of the Earth

What is earth made up of ? : (Short Essay)

Earth is a planet that makes it possible for all living beings to live on. It provides lots of resources to live. Without these resources we might become extinct. One among the inevitable resources of earth are the rocks and minerals. Rocks and minerals are found in the crust of earth. Crust is composed of rich minerals and these minerals are formed in the rocks over million years. Most of the non renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas are obtained from rocks and minerals. The domain that comprises rocks and minerals is called lithosphere. The same consists of the soil that holds green plants, land folds to raise buildings and houses, waterbeds and oceans, and so on.

What is earth made up of ? : (Brief Essay)

Our environment can be simply considered as the surroundings where we live. The land we live in and water we rely on need a strong surface to rest on. This layer of earth is called crust.

The crust can be again divided into:

Continental crust and
Oceanic crust

The parts on which the landforms, valleys, mountains and so on are formed are called continental crust. Similarly, the crust part where the oceans rest are simply called oceanic crust.

As we go deeper, we can classify earth into 2 more layers: Mantle and core

From the surface to interior, earth is made up of many minerals. In the crust we can find the minerals in rocks (rocks that are rich in minerals) are Called ores. Ores that contain gold, diamond, silver, iron, bauxite, granite and 2000 such minerals are found in the earth’s crust.

Among the many minerals many metals are also found in earth’s crust. The metals and their movements on and on makes earth behave like a magnet.

Rocks and minerals are necessary for our day to day life. Early man used rocks to make various tools and weapons. We get coal and petroleum from sedimentary rocks. The soil itself comes from rocks. The stones, sand and marbles that we use for construction of roads, dams, buildings and so on vines from rocks.

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