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Well-paid job that you think you would be good at


IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 302 with Model Answer:

Talk about a well-paid job that you think you would be good at.

You should say:

  • what the job is
  • what qualifications are required for this job
  • how this job is different than other jobs

and say why you would be good at this job.

will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one
minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes
to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer :
Having a job is really difficult in India as the number of educated youths is on the rise, and having a well-paid job is one of the toughest tasks of the world here. But the jobs of marketing are well-paid and I am good at it. In fact, I am currently executing the role of a marketing manager at a local company and I firmly believe that I am a suitable candidate for the post. Thank you for the smart question.

The job of marketing products and expansion of the product market in the local markets and stores is really a challenging one. But the rewards are able to make people forget about their torments and sufferings for the job. When someone reaches the top of this type of job, salary is not a problem for them. They are highly paid for their contributions to the development of the company. And I would be good at it for some specific reasons.   

The job requires a higher academic certification on marketing and management, especially in business and marketing. An MBA major in Marketing is preferable. Besides, the position requires about 10 years of experience in the post. In fact, without any experience, you would not be able to create strategies. The thing you may get is only challenges. There would be no ways to get rid of the troubles. Managing the market is a big deal. If you fail to meet the demands of the consumers or you lack productions, certainly the product will be black listed by the consumers. Besides, you are to make people attracted to your product and for that, you need innovative ways to follow. If you are unable to attract mass attention, this is not your cup of coffee. Smartness, ready wit, sharp sense, instant decision-making ability, intelligence, public relations etc. are the key qualifications in line with your academic activities and experience.

This is a different job than the usual ones. In fact, the job of marketing is one of the toughest one. It requires a special set of skills and expertise. For instance, if you are responsible for promoting any product, you are to make sure that you follow the right strategy. If you fail to reach your target consumers, your products and company will experience losses at the same time. Most of the cases, people are reluctant to take any new product or service. So, it is up to the marketing manager to convince them in having the product or service. The most difficult part is to persuade them in getting the product or service from your outlet or company. But to survive in the competition, you are responsible for making the sales grow upwards. Thus this is notably different from the other jobs. 

I would be good at this for many reasons. Actually, I have been working in this marketing arena for last five years. Thus I have come to know about many factors. I know how to analyse the market and needs of the people. Besides, I also have the experience to deal with some critical factor that helps to determine the success of the product I am dealing with. Furthermore, I know how to set effective marketing strategies considering the needs of the potential consumers at any specific locality. Based on the grounds, I believe that I would be good at this job. 

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