Water Cycle


Water Cycle :

  • Our Mother Earth is filled with oceans all over
  • Water is the major component of our planet
  • The various forms of water are an end result of the endless natural circulation of water on earth
  • This circulation is otherwise called water cycle

Water Cycle : (Short Essay)

Earth is made up of 70 percent water and 30 percent land. Though the major part of the earth is water the sad news is that only 3 percent of earth’s water can be consumed by humans. Fresh water is very less in our planet and the sources of freshwater are lakes, ponds, rivers, ice bergs, glaciers and so on. All these forms of water are one or the other way formed because of the endless circulation of water on earth. Undoubtedly, water on earth keeps moving across all the three domains – atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. This natural circulation of water in our earth is called water cycle. Water cycle is a necessary process for the very survival of life on Earth. Water cycle in one place can influence the water avaialbility in another place. Therefore, realising the importance of water for living we should give way for circulation of water all the time.

Water Cycle : (Brief Essay)

Above and below the surface of earth, one way or another and through some source or the other water keeps moving continuously. This movement of water through all the domains has been ensuring the survival of earth. The endless natural water cycle on earth is called hydrologic cycle.

Through the process of evaporation or transpiration, water as water vapour rises to the atmosphere. The water vapour rises in a high level when there is a lot of water sources or trees are available in the land. The water vapour gets collected and gets collected in the form of droplets in clouds. This process of water vapour getting converted to water droplets again is called condensation.

After a period, these water droplets fall back on earth in the form rain, snowfall, hail or sleet. This process is known as precipitation.

Precipitation is again a necessary process that ensures the water getting back on earth. This, the water comes down to earth as fresh water.

The fresh water enters the soul through a process called percolation. As the level of precipitation increases, the water percolates more and abundant amount of fresh water gets collected as ground water in the soil. This underground water gets stored in aquifer and helps during the time of water scarcity.

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