Voting – A Right Or Responsibility?


Voting – A Right Or Responsibility?

  • Voting is both a right and responsibility of every citizen
  • Every citizen should exercise his/her right to vote
  • Voting is important for forming a strong nation
  • We should not ignore our voting for any reason
  • We should participate in choosing the right candidate during any election

Voting – A Right Or Responsibility?: (Short Essay)

Any democratic country is run by the people, for the people and of the people. While citizens are the deciding parties of a nation, a leader is required to execute the will of the people. Election are a process to select the right candidate for the right position. General election happens once in 5 years and everyone above 18 can cast votes during these elections. Before election, the candidates seek people to gain their favor through public meetings, door to door campaigns and promoting their parties’ name. The one that gets the majority is declared to win a position and the person  stays in the position for next 5 years. We should vote without fear and bring the deserving candidate into limelight. Voting is the right of every citizen and it is our responsibility to make the election process a fruitful one.

Voting – A Right Or Responsibility?: (Brief Essay)

Every Indian, be it rich/poor, good/bad, educated/uneducated has the right to vote. Voting is an essential action of every citizen. The power of citizens and value of voting is not much understood by people. People only hesitate to vote for the right person fearing few bad elements that try to gain over. But as a true citizen, we have to vote without fear and exercise our right for building a strong government.

The importance of voting needs to be spread among people because many do not realize the same. Voting helps in showing our power in forming the government. It also means that every citizen has control over the functioning of the government since it is he who chooses the members. People have such a power that they can change the government if they are not satisfied about the ruling party.

In a democratic country like India, each and every vote is considered valuable. So we should raise our voice against the misleading parties and bring to power the people’s party. The age for voting is 18 and right from this age we should cast our vote in every election. No voting will attract punishment since one genuine vote missed might lead to a fake vote. It is both a right and responsibility of every Indian to vote and also spread the value of voting to people who are ignorant too.

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