Visit Tokyo to Experience the Most Expensive City of the World


Visit Tokyo to Experience the Most Expensive City of the World

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is declared as the most expensive city of the world for expatriates in the year 2012 by Mercer. If you are looking to enjoy the luxury of life, you should never miss visiting this stunning modern city. There are bunches of tourist attraction places in Tokyo.Tokyo is not much preferable for the shopping because tokyo is much expensive city but still it’s wonderful city for going to and spending time. Now, Tokyo offers an apparently infinite choice of entertainment, shopping, culture and dining options to all its visitors. Thousands of people mainly from western countries visit Tokyo each year. In the year 2006, 420 million locals and 4.81 million international tourists visited this modern city. According to the Japanese Government, the economic value of tourist visit in Tokyo in 2006 is 9.4 Trillion Yen.

While visiting Tokyo, the most observing aspect is unique Japanese culture. Tourists like to visit different stores, entertainment districts and downtowns across the city. The best things about Tokyo are its omnipresent Japanese pop culture along with different districts like Harajuku, Shibuya, and different museums like Tokyo National Museum which holds 37% of Japan’s artwork. Tokyo city have historical attraction in it so for being this reason tourister like to visit tokyo city and explore the historical structures and buildings of the city. No architectural building in Tokyo is declared as World Heritage site but a suburban temple named as Jizo Hall is a national treasure. Other renowned tourist attractions in Tokyo include Meiji Shrine, Sensō-ji and the most prominent one the Imperial Palace. Some tourists also like to visit Tsukiji Fish Market.

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Tokyo is easily accessible by air. Access to Tokyo is offered by Tokyo International Airport, Narita Airport, and the Shinkansen. Major world class hotels are at Tokyo Bay and Shinjuku. But you would find quality hotels in other districts too. Another thing that you would enjoy in Tokyo is electronics shopping. You would find plenty of electronics shops and showrooms all around the Tokyo. Certainly you would find some new technologies that you have never seen before.

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