Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 5


This is the fun part, where you want to go out, but you really can’t afford high end night clubs or a private booth, which could set you back $1500-5000, depending on the bar or club.

Don’t sweat, i’ll have you drunk for very little money in no time. #vegasbaby #lasvegas #thehangover . So how do we drink on the cheap you ask? Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssy as. Just pull up a seat by a slot machine and put a $1 bill in it, you heard correctly, a $1 bill. Looks for a machine that’s a 1 cent a spin one and play “one line / one credit”, hence only spending 1 cent a spin. I trust that all makes sense so far.

The cocktail waitress will walk past and call out “drinks anyone”, make sure you capture her attention immediately and order your beer or spirit. The catch here, they’ll take about 15 – 20 min to come, in the hope you’re going to pump the slot machine and lose more than the value of the drink, significantly more! No need to sweat my friends, stick to the “1 line, 1 spin policy”, check your Facebook or Instagram status to waste some time and before you know it your drink will arrive for the princely sum of $1, yep, $1 tip and there’s your free drink.

Now the smarter ones among you will realize that alcoholic spirit drinks aren’t cheap and if you’re on a budget vacation in Las Vegas, you’ll work out quickly, drinks aren’t cheap. So if you plan on getting smashed, “The Hangover” style, tip the waitress $10 and request she bring you the same drink every time she fills an order on the floor. That’ll be the best $10 you’ve spent in Las Vegas. Speaking from experience on multiple occasions, you’ll have a steady flow of grog flowing your way for as long as you can drink it, try it out, if it doesn’t work, message me here and drinks are on me next time!

Now that you’re drunk and can’t afford a higher end nightclub, is the night over, spent drunk playing slot machines? That would be a waste of an evening wouldn’t it? Rhetorical questions.

Stay tuned for part 5 of the blog where i’ll explain in detail how to party on where you’ll meet women in a relaxed atmosphere and only need to top up with a few drinks along the way.

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