Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 1


Surprisingly, summer isn’t that expensive a time to go there. June-August months it’s very hot, it’s a desert after all. Everyone from all over the United States and abroad travel to this great city, which i truly believe everyone has to experience at least once.

Caesars Palace Hotel, The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas Boulevard as far as old downtown Las Vegas / Freemont Street experience, all iconic must see places when you head to Las Vegas Nevada.

Is it expensive? Well for those travelling on a budget, good news, it isn’t anywhere near as expensive as i first thought.


Shop around online for starters. Going through the hotel direct isn’t necessarily a good thing at all. In fact, i found they are usually more expensive, unless you’re a Las Vegas high roller gambler , then sure, they’ll comp you. I’m guessing you were better off not gambling in the first place, it works out cheaper!

Look at websites like , awesome for comparing 1000’s and 10000’s of hotels and sites , giving you the best deals on in the marketplace. It’s tricky as prices change frequently. I find for June-August , the best time to book is around January-March. Sometimes you’ll get a great rate 6 months out, however, usually the three months leading up to your Las Vegas vacation, you’ll find the best rates. Significant savings on last minute or way too long before you’re due to travel. I keep looking at sites like, until i get a feel for the market. Typically a 7 day hotel stay should cost you anything from $350 to $1000, depending on location and star rating. Most will add a resort fee of $18-28 per night, payable on arrival. Keep that in mind when booking. Click on the hotel you’re interested in and read the fine print at check out stage, usually they mention the resort fee rate. You’ll get internet and gym / pool access included in the resort fee in most instances.

Hotels like Treasure Island, Harrahs and The Mirage are some of the best located hotels in Las Vegas and they really cater for the budget conscious traveler! and other similar travel sites will also give you a huge range of discounted budget hotels & flights. It pays to  book in advance, finding the sweet spot on price. You’ll work out what’s cheap after monitoring it for a few weeks. Sounds time consuming, it’s not. In the long run you’ll save heaps. These days i can book a hotel or flight without having to wait months or weeks i advance, because i have a feel for the travel market there now and know a great deal as soon as i see it. I’d bookmark the site and just keep checking until you’re happy with the price. If you have a budget in mind already and find what seems to be a good price in your budget. book it, because they can go up too!

So in concluding for now, when headed to Las Vegas Nevada for the dream vacation, you can do it on a budget and it’s not as expensive as you think.

A lot more to talk about next time, where i’ll go into Las Vegas Travel on a budget in greater detail.

You’ll see me at the tables at T.I (Treasure Island Casino poker room) usually gagging with the locals and friendly staff! I’m the Aussie, you can’t miss my voice.

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