Travel Hacks to make the most of your money when travelling abroad


When heading abroad, whether for business or pleasure, a few simple things are all you need to follow to enjoy big savings. Every penny that you save can afterall be used to splurge on other avenues during the trip. are some simple hacks to get the most out of your money during your international travel:

  • Shop and eat in local streets

Tourist hubs are often high-priced, so make sure you visit the local streets for great souvenirs, authentic local food, the pocket friendly way.

  • Book an apartment/Stay at BnBs

Apartments and BnB’s are way cheaper than hotels, besides being bundled with the facilities of a home. You can make your own food, do your laundry and experience local lifestyle at your pace. Interact with local neighbors and shop at local convenience stores for your groceries!

Excess baggage means paying heavy charges at airports. So pack only the essentials in smaller trolley bags that you can pull along. Porters are quite expensive or even unavailable in many countries. Pack your clothes in rolls, use packing cubes and put socks inside shoes to save space.

Use reusable water bottles

These come in handy as buying water can be quite expensive. Just fill the bottle from the nearest water fountain!

Flight rates can rise sharply closer to travel dates, so book well in advance. Use off-peak season and travel during weekdays to save money. Ensure that you remove cookies and cache from airlines websites, as they can track your surfing activity and jack up the rates when you visit next!

Use the airline’s home country website and pay in local currency to book your flight instead of  paying in INR to savebig.

  • Carry forex acquired with best ‘US dollar rate today in Mumbai’

Carry ample forex, bought from reliable vendors with best current dollar rates in Mumbai before you travel. This can insulate you from overseas merchants levying arbitrary rates on your payments abroad, since you will get the advantage of the best US dollar rate today in Mumbai of your forex purchase day each time.

Get a prepaid travel card at current dollar rates in Mumbai for all your payments beforehand. Online forex marketplaces like BookMyForex are one-stop-shops that bring you vendors with the most competitive US dollar rate today in Mumbai. You can get all the forex products at the best current dollar rates in Mumbai at your fingertips, by simply placing an order at their website.

Use these smart hacks for your next trip and you’re sure to get the maximum value for your money…

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/01/2016

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