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The Manthan School offers path breaking services in order to provide a stimulating learning environment for kids. Further, the school program has been designed to support kids to achieve their potential to the utmost extent.

The Manthan school pays equal emphasis on various activities such as academics, sports, language, debates, theatre, dance and music amongst others. It also provides nutritious meals to children and desires to develop as the best available day care in Noida.

A desire to attain excellence is what drives the staff at the school. It focuses on holisticdevelopment of children and offers them state of the art facilities. The school is also renowned for its splendid infrastructure which is displayed below:
• Fine art studio (The Arty Fact Room)
• Acting studio (The Playhouse)
• Language studio (The Book House)
• Excellent class rooms
• Working walls
• Composite Lab
• Music and Dance Room
• Skates and skittles floor
• Basketball court
• Table tennis facilities
• Aerobics facilities
• Customized gymnasium for young kids.

Some amazing facilities which are capable of helping the Manthan School to evolve as thebest play school in Noida are displayed here:
The Acoustic Box: The Acoustic Box is a place where a student can display his/her concerns without an adult supervision. Further, one can listen to kids’ hearts’ vibrations through this sound box and provide them adequate help.

Chill-Out Zone: Students can enjoy, listen to music or play games at the chill out zone.

Sprinkler Park: Showers or fountains at Sprinkler Park provide artificial rain which is highly enjoyed by the kids.

The Green Globe: An open to sky atrium where kids can learn about beautiful flora and fauna.

The Manthan School is positioned to be affiliated to the CBSE board. Moreover, the primary classes’ curriculum is based on NCERT guidelines. Along with education, extra-curricular activities are also given prominence at the school. The co-curriculum of the school includes:
Art & Craft: Art and Craft is a major part of the school’s curriculum and helps intellectual, personal and social development of kids. These classes also help in enhancing creativity among children.

Music: Music education is important as it helps in evolving spatial intelligence and spatial-temporal skills in kids. Further, it also supports mental and social development of children.

Sports: Sports is necessary for physical strength and should be a part of kids’ life from a tender age. By including physical education, in its curriculum, the Manthan School has displayed its commitment towards kids’ fitness. Sporting activities helps in increasing muscular strength and stamina of children.

Dance: Dance education is also an essential part of the school curriculum. It’s an amazing form of cultural expression and help in developing physical, cognitive and social characteristics amongst kids. Various sorts of dance forms are taught at the school.

The Manthan School desires to help kids fulfill their maximum potential and develop as responsible citizens. The staff at the school focuses on creating the leaders of tomorrow. Due to awesome amenities and an amazing educational ambience, the Manthan School is poised to develop as one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/01/2016

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