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The Man Who Quit Money written by Mark Sundeen is an intriguing real life story of a man named Daniel Suelo. It chronicles around the life of Suelo, who decides to live a wandering lifestyle without any monetary expenses. Such a decision in the present society is quite hard to think of. This book got published on March 16th in the year 2012, by Riverhead Trade publishers.

About the Author:

Mark Sundeen is an American write and author of many books such as Car Camping, The Making of Toro, The Man Who Quit Money and The Unsettlers. His books mostly focus on adventures. He has also co-authored several other books. This book, The Man Who Quit Money is his first biography style work, about Daniel Suelo. In this book, he expresses his thoughts in a noteworthy language in his own style.

About the Book:

The Man Who Quit Money depicts how Suelo deliberately adopted an alternative lifestyle in his pursuit to find a life of real happiness. Sundeen’s narration specifies the notable incidents in the life of Suelo and how his religious views and past life experiences led to his new way of life. The novel carries a sense of positive approach behind the decision. The novel also describes some desperate moments and life-threatening incidents faced by Suelo in his life in Utah deserts. The beauty of the Suelo’s life is that, despite having led this wandering lifestyle for a dozen of years, he still does not think of changing it.

Suelo’s life started when he sought for freedom from money. His strong will and religious views were another reason. Sundeen refers Suelo as, “he was not mentally ill, nor an addict. His decision appears to have been an act of free will by a competent adult”. Moreover, Suelo has not earned, received or spent a single dollar in this life. From the perspective of Sundeen, Suelo is a simple man, with no love for money, but happiness.

From a different perspective, Suelo’s way of living can be considered as a poverty-stricken life. His zero money philosophy makes no sense when he utilizes public utilities like libraries, free internet, and complimentary food. However, he does not accept welfare or government handouts for his living.

Overall, this book provides a detailed portrait of Suelo and his lifestyle. Sundeen leaves his readers pondering over the persuasions about Daniel with so many unanswered speculations on Suelo’s philosophy.

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