The Earth Speaks – Poem


Of all the planets, I am special; I am the mother Earth.
Filled with water, air, and life
Humans, trees, birds, water animals, and wildlife.
I spin and turn all year round the orbit,
To give you all the seasons and climate.

You people use my land, air, water, and soil,
But keep on filling it with litter and allowing it to spoil.
I provide you air, food, and home to live,
With greedy lust, you destroy the nature I give,
And plot your own nature’s death.

The air you fill with smoke, makes my breath choke;
You make my heart fill with strife –
By cutting down the green forests,
And pushing up the green-house gases.
What was once a clean sea and pure soil
Is now all barren; clogged with waste and oil.

How long can I stand the trouble?
I start to scream and tremble.
I give you all I have, unto my end;
But it’s now all in your hands to defend and mend.

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