The Early Bird catches the Worm


The Early Bird catches the Worm :

  • The proverb signifies the importance of time and how we have to act in time.
  • When you act right on time, you are sure to succeed. When you postpone, you lose.
  • The person who comes first in getting an opportunity will gain the advantage over others.
  • In the competitive world, those who come first are served first.

The Early Bird catches the Worm : (Short Essay)

The proverb talks about acting in time. When a person is late to work, he will not succeed in doing his duties. In another sense, when a person does not act in time, he might miss many of his opportunities. Those who are prompt in doing things ahead of others will be the ones getting the most of all opportunities. When we work hard and do everything in time, we will attain success. Postponing things will allow our competitors to gain the opportunity and move ahead. So, we should be careful in this competitive world to do everything ahead of others and get the best of opportunities.

The Early Bird catches the Worm : (Brief Essay)

The proverb signifies the importance of acting in time. A person, who is prompt in doing his work, will get rewarded with the benefits. This means if you are lazy and neglect of your responsibilities or duties, you will lose your opportunities.

Literally, the phrase talks about a bird and its duty to search for food. The bird that rises up earlier than the other birds will be able to get the food. It is the duty of the bird to go in search of prey. But when the bird does not go early, it might miss its prey. The first bird will get the most worms. But those birds that are arriving late does not have any guarantee of getting worms. They might end up living hungry that day. This is similar to what a person who is late or lethargic in doing his work will get in life. When a person neglects doing his duties, he may not get what he deserves.

The phrase resembles with ‘first come, first served’ thought. Those who go first to any place will be the ones served first. So, we have to remember that when we act on time to complete our work, we will get the desired results. But when we postpone our work, we will lose the possible opportunities. Success comes to those who grab the opportunities firsthand. Even if we work hard at the later stage of life, it might be of no use and we will not succeed. This is why we have to do the best to get the opportunities in life.

So, in the competitive life, we have to start working ahead of others to conquer our opportunities. Those who do the work early will quite naturally gain the benefits. The proverb is a good advice mentioning that when a person does not act promptly, he will miss succeeding.

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