Surgical Strike


Surgical Strike :

  • Surgical strike is a military attack on a specific target ensuring minimum damage to the civilians and the surroundings
  • As it is a targeted attack it prevents war
  • It is carried out via Airstrike, Ground operation or by sending troops
  • United States has carried out many surgical strikes on AL-QAEDA and Sudan

Surgical Strike : (Short Essay)

In simple context, Surgical Strike is an action that reduces enemy’s capability. Not only on the specific targets, it can be done on a larger scale too. A successful strike achieves its desired objective. Most recent attack on Pakistan militant area is one such example.

Four militants had attacked the Indian army at Uri on September 18 in Jammu and Kashmir and killed 19 soldiers.11 days later, after the Uri attack on September 29 India had conducted surgical strike on Pakistan militant areas and caused significant casualties.

Surgical Strike : (Brief Essay)

Indian army conducted a surgical strike on Pakistan militant area claiming that it had received information that militants were planning terrorist strikes against India. The attack was carried via Ground Operation. Several top ranking officials were involved in planning and the execution of the LoC operation.

The team has won 4 shaurya Chakras and 13 Seva medals. The team was led by major Rohit Suri.The Officer and his squad crossed the border 48 hours prior to the strike and kept the target under surveillance. Ever since the announcement by the Indian Army, the Pakistani spokesperson denied the reports claiming about surgical strikes.

Surgical strikes are a great weapon for the armed forces to minimize the capability of the enemy by preventing full blown war.

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