Strategy and Business Planning


Organizational Structure

We help organizations identify the most effective organizational structure to achieve their strategic direction. Specifically we focus on ensuring the right roles are structured; contain the right people with the right skillset, and include the most appropriate measures to encourage and manage ongoing performance.

Process Effectiveness

Having the right processes supported by enabling technology ensures productivity remains high. We help organizations to design the most effective processes and select the right technology to deliver on their strategic objectives.

Performance Measures

Identifying the right milestones and measures to track success is crucial to ensuring the drivers behind the strategy are achieved. We work with organizations to identify the most appropriate measures for performance indicators and the drivers that help to achieve them.


Most strategies fail in deployment, however not for a lack of trying. The reality is that most organizations are challenged to sustain their focus and resources on achieving their strategy. We work closely as your deployment accountability partner to ensure your business, its leaders and employees are aligned and on track to deliver your strategic objectives.

  • Engagement
    Ensuring the entire organization is engaged in the strategy is key to its rapid achievement. We work with organizations and business executives to design and introduce plans that engage employees and leadership in their attainment.
  • Planning
    Having a clear plan to ensure the strategy is delivered is key to a successful deployment. Our approach includes working backwards from the strategic objectives to identify clear actions that support achieving your intended outcomes.
  • Accountability
    No strategy is achieved if accountabilities aren’t clear and managed. Our deployment includes clear accountabilities across the organization, we work with business executives and leaders to identify key accountabilities and coach leaders to ensure their accountabilities are achieved.
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