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Here we are with story on hard work is the key to success. It is the story of three diamond merchants who lost their wealth in robbery and how one of them earned his money and pride back because of his hard work only. Read a Moral story on hard work is the key to success.

Story on hard work is the key to success

There were three big diamond merchants in a village. They used to trade precious stones and diamonds. The heads of many states, the rich and the king were their customers. They visit to different states sell their diamonds and earned a lot of money. To trade, they had to go through very dense forests sometimes.

One day they were passing to a dense forest to reach the other state for a business purpose carrying lots of diamond and other precious stones, suddenly many robbers stopped their way and all their precious diamonds and stones went to loot. They went to the king of that state and told, “We were coming to your state to trade diamonds, but in the forest robbers looted us, please help us to get our diamond and money back”.

The king listened carefully to all three and started thinking about something else. After thinking a little bit, the king put a condition. He gave three one bag of wheat to each trader and said this is your wheat you need to clean it yourself and when you will come back to my court after a month, I will surely help you to get your diamonds back”. This kind of help from King made all three surprised, but there is was no other way so the three accepted King’s condition and went away from there.

Two of the three businessmen were very lazy so they sold half of the wheat sacks and began to live their lives with left one. But the third merchant was very hard working so he himself cleaned the wheat and cooked itself. Suddenly one day, he found a valuable diamond from one of his sack. A month later, three traders went to the court of the king. On seeing the king, both the lazy merchants started crying about their sad situation and the third trader gave a diamond to King as a gift. But the king said that it is now yours, now you can start your business again with this diamond. King said that he also put such a diamond in your both the lazy businessman sacks also? But you lost it due to your laziness.

The summary of the story is that no matter how difficult the circumstances, some opportunities are hidden and only hard working people succeed in finding it and the lazy people do not get anything even after having an opportunity in front of them.

Moral– Hard work is the key to success

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