Sports as a Preferable Career Option


Glamorous as well as Highly Paid
Sports is one of the best career option in the world. This is very glamorous, reputed and highly paid profession which need lots of hard and routine work. As we talk about sports as career option, we only think about Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Indian skipper Mahinder Singh Dhoni and all the famous highest-paid athletes and coaches.

Medal Performance
Sports was considered as a hobby in India but now it is a career option. Beside cricket, medal performance in wrestling, badminton, boxing, etc at Conman Wealth Games and 2012 London Olympics as well as with F1 coming to India is raging among the youth. Educational institutes are also encouraging sports among students. Many of them has introduced sports quota in admission process.

But along with these sports players there are many more career option. These professionals get very less chance to come in front of the camera but form behind these people are real the strength of the sports players.

Physical Therapists
Sports as career option includes Physical therapists are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who gives first ads to the sports players. There are many teams employ full-time physical therapists. The median salary of Physical therapist is Rs 45,60,000.

Statistician is an expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics. Sports analytic is a growing profession these days. Medain salary Rs 43,80,000. Sport Psychologist focus on mental preparation for top performance. The median salary of Sport Psychologist Rs 41,40,000.

Sports Agents and PR
Sports agents negotiate contracts and endorsement deals, median salary Rs 39,00,000.Public Relations Manager protect and promote the image of professional athletes and teams. The median salary is Rs 34,80,000. Advertising Account Executive: Sporting events offer some of the top opportunities in advertising. Median salary Rs 27,00,000.

Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator take care of management, media, seating and many other behind-the-scenes necessities of sporting events. The median salary of event coordinators is Rs 27,00,000. Photojournalist is practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines. Many sports organizations hire their own staff photographers. Median salary Rs 17,40,000.

A coach is a person involved in the training, direction and instructions of the operations of a sports team or of individual. Expert coaches make high salary but many coaches earn very low wages working in schools. Some of them also work as a part-time. Median salary Rs. 16,80,000.

Physical Education Teacher
In India, sports education has been made compulsory by the government as Physical Education. As it is mandatory in all school, colleges and universities, so for education purpose there is always need of teacher. So a physical education teacher is good career option in sports. A teacher of physical education teach about diet and physical fitness.

Sports Journalist
A sports journalist is one of the best career option in sports as well as in journalism course. Though, they need to struggle a lot but they really enjoy life as they travel across the globe to cover matches and tournaments. This is a highly paid job with great fun. A sports must be specialist in one sports and should have knowledge about other sports.

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