Sense Organs


Sense Organs :

  • The senses of human beings are hearing, tasting, seeing, touching and smelling.
  • The organs that help us here are the ears.
  • The organ that helps us taste is the tongue
  • The organs that helps us see are the eyes
  • The organ that helps us feeling and touching is the skin
  • The organ that helps us smell is the nose

Sense Organs : (Short Essay)

We human beings have many organs but there are 5 important organs that connect us with the environment. These organs are called the sensory organs and the 5 senses are hearing, tasting, seeing, touching and smelling. The sensory organ ear helps us to hear. We can listen to different voices and sounds with the help of ears. Tongue is the sensory organs that aid us in tasting and with the help of tongue we can differentiate one food to another. The sensory organ that aids us with vision is the eye and skin is the sensory organ for touch. We can feel cold, heat, contact, and pain with the help of skin. With the help of nose, we can smell of various substances.

Sense Organs : (Brief Essay)

Our environment and surroundings communicate with us but we should be able to understand and comprehend them. The 5 sensory organs of our body help us to get a clear picture on our environment and things happening around us. The 5 senses and their corresponding sensory organs are:

  1. Taste – Tongue
  2. Sight – Eyes
  3. Touch – Skin
  4. Smell – Nose
  5. Hear – Ears

Taste: The taste buds of our tongue give us the sense of taste. We can sense 4 separate flavors

Tongue is the strongest muscle of our body. It has the capability to heal back from injury sooner than any other part of your body.  Tongue also helps to make a few sounds while we talk.

Sight: The eyes of our body aid us in seeing objects around us. Eyes also help us to differentiate between colors.

Touch: We have sense of touch all over our body. The 4 touch sensations that skin can identify are:

It is a surprising fact that our skin has most of the nerve ending of our body.

Smell: Our nose helps us to smell. We are able to smell with the help of mucous membranes inside of the nose. Nose cleans the air we breathe and we inhale through our nose also.

Hearing: Our ears help us to hear and we have 2 separate parts of ears:

  • Inner Ear
  • Middle Ear
  • Outer Ear

Too much of exposure of anything might damage the respective sensory organ. So, we should learn the limits of exposure before coming into contact with the environment.


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