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Welcome everyone of this wonderful occasion of gathering. First of all I would like to mention a special thanks and regards to all the excellences, respected teachers and my dear friends for giving me the opportunity to speak.

Today, I am going to give a speech on ‘save girl child’. In Indian society, girl children are considered inferior and a burden by their own parents. This is mainly because of the prevailing traditions and mentality of the society. In ancient days, girl children were even considered a curse by many and killing them right after their birth was considered not a crime. However, things are changing for better now; but still there is this underlying thought of not wanting a girl child.

Why do people consider girl children a bigger responsibility and insignificant. The answer is very clear from our society’s prejudice against girl children. The society is filled with violence against women and girl child all because of the society’s cruelty. We have to understand that a girl child is a blessing to this society, and without her a man cannot be brought to this world. She is the essence of continuation of life.

It is time the society gets rid of the male-female discrimination and negligence. Girl children are the pillars of the society. A girl can be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and a friend. When we kill a girl child before birth, we are killing all these relations. Without her, there is no existence of the human race on the earth. They should not only be protected but also given equal opportunity, and respect for life.

Society needs to change their view on girl children, and should not think them as a burden for their dowry or societal violence. It is a big shame to see girls as victims of various social violence in this male dominating society. We should make a change in our perspective about women and should raise our girl child with confidence and boldness. Nowadays, women have started moving ahead in their life, taking higher level of responsibilities in the society. We can see women succeed in different fields and reaching greater heights of success.

To save a girl child, first we need to change the mind of the parents. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s parents. So they need to be taught to see every child equally and stop neglecting their own child, for the fact that it is a girl. ‘Save girl child’ campaigns across the country help parents and the society to change their thinking towards girls and give them the equal opportunity in nutrition, education, lifestyle, career, and dreams.

India is a country where women are worshiped as Gods but still has the highest level of female infanticide. This has to change and we need to spread awareness towards saving girl child and educating them for a better future. They should no longer be confined to the rooms of a home. Give them the wings to fly towards their dreams. If your child dreams of becoming a scientist or a politician, let her pursue it. Support your child and tend to her dreams whole-heartedly with affection and care.

The bottom line is that without women, the world is incomplete. So, it is my humble request to all of you to work towards saving girl child and stop this evil crime of female infanticide. Instead, we have to empower girl children through education and raise them as strong and courageous individuals. After all, they are the future of this society.

Thank you.

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