Reasons for Water Scarcity


Reasons for Water Scarcity :

  • Water scarcity is a major problem that is caused to changing lifestyles
  • Excessive use of water is one reason for water scarcity
  • Water resources are exploited for increasing industries and the same is polluted by industrial wastes
  • Lack of awareness is also a main reason for shortage of water in a global level

Reasons for Water Scarcity : (Short Essay)

Global warming is the increase in temperature of the earth that has led to many adverse effects. One of the major reasons that has given way to this situation is decreasing water resources on earth. When more forests are cleared for settlement or lumbering, the chances of regular rainfall start decreasing. This obviously disturbs the water cycle. When the water cycle is interrupted, the sources of fresh water start reducing. This simple chain of problems has resulted into a gigantic issue. Water shortage is the problem of every country and the same can be solved only by proper usage of water and immediate control of pollution.

Reasons for Water Scarcity : (Brief Essay)

Water is a precious resource that is scarce and on demand nowadays. Survival on earth is definitely not possible without water. In ancient periods, demand for water was not an issue since water was used nominally. But in modern days, water is used beyond a limit and in fact exploited.

The need to create awareness regarding water conservation is much high now. Water shortage is a major problem because of uneven rainfall and increasing demand. Though the fresh water resources are the same, the population level is drastically increasing year after year.

At the same time, industrialisation is one big reason for water depletion. Almost all the factories and industries use water in one level or the other. Moreover the industrial wastes are dumped into the environment which result in water pollution and soil pollution.

Water is the basic necessity for agriculture in any country. When there is less or no rainfall, farmers rely on bore wells which again give way to shortage of water.

The reasons for water shortage are many but the solution can be made simple. With the help of each and every individual, all the countries can save water to a great level. Instead of wasting water for modern lifestyle, it can be saved for our future generations. Only when we keep our eyes wide open and realise that the consequences will come back to us one day, we can come up with rich ideas to save water and save earth.

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