Putting out fires safely and automatically


Putting out fires safely and automatically

Bristol Automist installers can fix a fire safety system in your home that not only detects fires but also puts them out.


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The system is easy to install and is suitable for any building. It gives great peace of mind to homeowners and to landlords, as it is suitable for blocks of flats including shared areas.

Most homes have smoke alarms that only let you know there is a fire – the fire still needs to be dealt with either by calling the fire service or using fire extinguishers. Should a fire start when the occupant is out, the blaze could be out of control before it is detected by a passer-by. This is where the Automist system comes up trumps.

Automist detects fires and puts them out

The Automist system works by detecting fires and then using a sprinkler system to put out the blaze. The special system creates more of a mist than the traditional sprinkler systems, which drench the room and can cause damage. Automist uses much less water than these sprinklers, resulting in minimal water damage.

The system works automatically and can put out fires even when the occupant is out or asleep. Unlike smoke alarms, it won’t be triggered by false alarms such as when you accidentally burn the toast; in addition, unlike with extinguishers, you don’t have to try to tackle the fire yourself. You can get yourself and your family out of the property quickly and safely.

Bristol Automist installers such as Mainpoint fire protection can talk to potential customers about the system, installation and cost and can provide a fire safety system that works with your home.

How Automist works

Automist can be used to target the rooms most at risk of fires, such as the kitchen. It runs on the domestic water supply and can be installed underneath a tap.

If a blaze starts, the heat detector unit sounds an alarm and the pump is activated. The pump pushes the water from the mains through the Automist system, which is activated to put out the fire.

Automist has been named by the British Library as one of the top 15 inventions of the past decade. It is reliable, affordable and only needs a quick test during the annual maintenance check.

This is the best solution for keeping your home and family safe from fires.

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