Paragraph on scene at railway station- A Scene at A Railway Platform


Paragraph on scene at railway station

Indian Railways is a cheap and comfortable way to travel around the country, many people are traveling daily by rail. Therefore, there is always a crowd on the railway station. On the railway platform, you can see different types of people who come from different parts of India for their journey, thereby presenting an interesting scene.

Last Sunday, I also got an opportunity to visit New Delhi Railway Station. I had to go to Rishikesh with Dehradun Express My train was to depart from platform no. 1 in the evening at 6:30. In order to avoid any kind of irregularity, I reached the station before time. I had already booked my tickets, so I was free so started walking around. Everyone on the railway platform appears in a hurry. Some are eagerly waiting for their turn to buy tickets in the long queue outside the ticket window some are walking around waiting for the train. Everyone was quick to look in. There were many stalls on the platform like snack stalls, book stalls, medical shops etc. Little kids were roaming here and their parents were walking behind them. In the red dress the porters were carrying goods from one platform to the other platforms. Some passengers were drinking tea to spend time, so some were reading newspapers. I thought to take some rest in the waiting room but all the rooms were filled with passengers and their luggage.

Then an announcement on the loudspeaker drew my attention that the Dehradun Express comes on the platform number 1, when the train reached, all got ready. Those travelers who wanted to get down, were getting difficult because those who were eager to go to the compartment, they started trying to get in. They started having a quarrel between them. But after a little debate, the passengers trying to get in the compartment made the way for the passengers going out. I also sat on my seat and started seeing outside through window. Some people giving emotional farewell to their loved ones, some had feelings of happiness on their faces. Everything was mixed.

At 6.30 am, the guard whistled and the train gradually started moving as the green flag was flown. Soon the train took the speed and the platform disappeared from the sight and my journey started.

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