Paragraph on happiness- Importance of Happiness in life


Paragraph on happiness

Who does not like to be happy, the happy faces attract everyone to their side, so we should always try to be happy in every situation. It is often believed that the rich person is always happier, but if there is no inner happiness within, he also remain restless and dissatisfied. So it is wrong to think that wealth brings happiness. To be happy, a person needs to be satisfied in life, when a person is satisfied, whether he is rich or poor, can be happy. Some people find happiness by making money, some by fame whereas there are some people who learn to be happy in every situation.

Good health, good thoughts and feeling of being satisfied can make you truly happy. A healthy person is not only happy, but also keep others happy. A person who is suffering from any disease himself, can never be happy. But there are some people who find happiness for themselves in spite of their physical problems. But not everyone is able to do this, so, as far as possible, we should try to stay healthy so that we can feel happy. A person must have to do work of his choice, if he does the work of his choice, finds happiness in his work only. If do not get the chance to do work your choice for any reason, do whatever with sincerity and fully hearted.

To be happy in life, we should continue to entertain ourselves and others. The person who learns to laugh at himself is never depressed. You must have heard the English proverb that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is therefore necessary that you spend some time with your family and friends, which will not only bring happiness to you, but also strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. True friends and relationships in life will always make you feel happy.

It is not possible to describe happiness in words. It can only be felt. To be happy in life, it is very important to throw away negative thoughts from your mind. Today when a person is already suffering from anxiety and stress due its hectic life schedule keeping a good time and memories in mind will make you happy. Life is very unpredictable, so be happy and keep others happy too.

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