Packing Tips for First Timers Planning to Take an International Flight


Since the past decade or so, air travel has gained popularity among a major population in the country and flight booking has increased by manifolds. This development could be attributed to two things; first, the willingness of people to spend more on travel than previously and second, the low cost airfares on offer by various carriers. However, one thing that remains the same in both domestic and international travel is the baggage allowance. It has been observed that people who are travelling abroad for the first time remain in a continuous state of confusion as how to go about packing, just to avoid any extra charge or penalty at the airport.

There are some great packing tips that experts suggest for both first time and regular air travellers. By keeping these tips in mind, you can easily avoid any unnecessary hassles while packing for your international journey, whether you are taking Mumbai to London, Kolkata to Singapore or Chennai to Kuala Lumpur flights.

Making a List

Making a list of what all things to take on the international trip is the first and the most important tip. Once you make the list, it becomes clear as to what all you can take along with you and what you can leave behind. If you are making a list, then it ensures that you will not be doing any last-minute packing; one of the major reasons why baggage limit exceeds for people who do so. Another good reason why you should write down a list is that it helps when you are actually packing the bag. By having a list, you can best utilise the space in a bag.

Avoid Taking Large Packets of Food or Toiletries

A common mistake that first timers commit when they fly abroad is that they choose to take the large packets of their favourite food or sometimes even the toiletries. You should avoid this at all costs and rather go for small packets. By doing so, you can very well reduce the weight of the baggage.

Considering the Weather of the Destination Place

It is important that you check for weather updates of the place you are heading to, simply because it will give you a fair idea about what all clothes you would need during their trip. Remaining undecided about clothes to carry along can be a big challenge later, especially if the baggage has too many winter clothes.

Making Use of Hand Baggage Allowance

Many travellers do not realise the importance of hand baggage allowance. All airlines allow a certain amount of baggage to be carried along inside the cabin, which is entitled with all flight tickets. So, it becomes important to use this opportunity as well by taking things that can be avoided in the bags going in the cargo, especially things like laptop, jacket or ladies purse.

Now that you know these tips, you should not face much problem when you pack your bags for your first international trip.

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