Our Railway Station


Our Railway Station :

  • We have a very neat railway station in our town
  • Many important trains stop by our railway station daily
  • Our railway station is one of the busiest stations in our city
  • The waiting hall will be crowded by passengers always
  • There will be a long queue in the ticket counters

Our Railway Station : (Short Essay)

Train is one of the cheapest and fastest modes of transport in India. People invariable of their living style prefer trains since they are comfortable and spacious mode. We avail trains from our railway station that is nearby. The train sounds and whistles that give signal to various trains are a part of our life. We hear these sounds everyday and our railway station is a busy place. Our railway station has a very big station building where there are booking-offices, offices for goods/parcel booking and delivery. In our railway station, we have neat and well maintained refreshment rooms, retiring rooms, and waiting rooms for passengers. For passengers who wait for a long time, we have book stalls where books and newspapers are sold.

Our Railway Station : (Brief Essay)

One of the very important modes of transport in India is Train. As a train runs in a railway track, a station is quiet essential for train communication all across a country. A railway station is place where a train stops as a destination/starts to a destination/halts for sometime.

Such a railway station is available in our village. A big railway station was built in our village last year. Since our village does not have enough buses, government provided with the facility of a railway station so that trains to important destinations can stop at our village too.

It is a great thing to watch the various scenes at our railway station. We are so lucky that during our generation we have got this facility. Else, we should have waited a lot of time for buses to our school that is 15 km away from our village. The rail route to our school is shorter and cheaper too.

We have a big platform in our railway station. Everyday my friends and I meet in the morning at the meeting hall. We buy tickets from the counter.

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The time that a train arrives our railway station would be the busiest time. Few minutes before Before the arrival of a train, we can see a lot of chaos in the waiting hall and ticket counters. People run along the platforms with the luggage to  stand in front of the right coach. Since it is a matter of 2 or 3 minutes, the station seems busy and noisy until the passengers settle down in their seats. Once the train leaves, our railway station becomes a calm place.

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