Obama’s Helps Moms Go Back to School Through Financial Aid and Scholarships – Do You Qualify?


If you have left school at some point, you may yearn to get back and finish your degree. If you have never had the chance to attend college, you may long for the benefits of a college degree. However, for many moms that seems so impossible. They may already be working and can’t see where the time will come or they may be single and lack the help they would need with daycare. Whatever the reason, there are now scholarships, grants and other programs that may just be the answer you were looking for.Most moms face three big hurdles when trying to figure out if they can return to school. Time is certainly one of these. If you already work, you may wonder when you will fit in yet another activity and still have enough time left to devote to raising and caring for your children. However, now that online schools are in abundance, that no longer has to be such a worry. You can take classes when your kids are asleep or at school. This hurdle becomes much more manageable.Another work is the lack of support. Support may mean financial as well as the emotional encouragement you may need. With the scholarships and grants, financially, you may well be able to find enough money to finish your degree. And with so many women desiring to return to college, there are small support groups popping up all over to help you overcome your fears.Pell Grants are not the only aid available but certainly one of the easiest to obtain. These are designed for people who meet certain low-income guidelines which may be where you fall. However, your state may also offer financial assistance so be sure to check that out as well. You may also qualify for any number of private scholarships. These may be awarded based upon your age, program of study, gender, religion or ethnicity. Do some research and find one or several that you fit into.Many scholarships do not get awarded because people simply do not apply. You may be surprised at the number that you receive if you just take the step to try. If you go to your community library, you will be able to research some of these opportunities. While there, don’t wait and fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online. Today Moms have a great opportunity available. Spend that bit of effort and find out where to applyand get going. With a degree, you will be on the way to a better life for you and especially, your children.

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