No Pain No Gain


No Pain No Gain :

  • No man has attained success without pain
  • It takes a lot of efforts to meet success
  • We should not stop by fearing about pain in life
  • We should overcome all our problems to taste the fruit called success
  • We should always remember “No Pain, No Gain”

No Pain No Gain : (Short Essay)

Anything that we get in life without pain is not real success. If we had heard the famous motto “No Pain, No Gain” we would have also known the results we can see out of hard work and the pain we take to reach success. Great men have showed us path to success is painful but always promising. If we are ready to overcome all the obstacles in front of us we can easily see the door to success. Even when it comes to our exams, only when we work hard to get good marks, we can score well. If we are not so serious about our life, there is no wonder we keep lagging in all walks of life. So, it is always better to accept pain to enjoy success.

No Pain No Gain : (Brief Essay)

There is no such endeavor that comes without efforts. It is the pain we take inside and hard works we give outside that shows us the end results in life.

A very simple example for this is a businessman. Do you think a man who starts business on his own has gained profit immediately? Not all business gives us the results we expect immediately.

A sportsperson is not a famous or favorite star on Day 1. It has taken him or her years and years to become a successful person.

Here comes into context, the famous saying “No Pain, No Gain”. Without pain, a celebrity is not formed. It takes a lot of sacrifice to become a successful person.

Many people stay conservative and create a shell for themselves and stay inside. For such people, it is a great task to reach what they desire. To gain something, we have to come out of the comfort zone. Only when we learn things in the odds of life, we will know how to do something and also how not to do the same thing. We should not get frustrated of trying something again and again. Instead we should remember “Practice makes a Man Perfect”.

It is also a good thing that one who suffers pain is not going to be the same way; after a great pain follows a reward called Gain. We should remember this and be true, honest and patient in order to see the gain despite of the pains it gives in between. After all, remember “Rome was not built in a Day”.

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