My Father


My Father : (Short Essay)

Father’s day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. This year it was celebrated on June 18. The day is marked to celebrate fatherhood and his influence on the lives of children. For every child, father is an ideal person and a real hero. A father is the first and foremost person who a child trusts and takes as a role model.

A father becomes the important person in the family. He is the head of the family and works hard for his children. He puts in all his efforts and takes great responsibility in upbringing his children. Right from education to the child’s settlement in life, the father has the crucial role to play. He might be a tough person on the outside but is very considerate in fulfilling every dream of his child and the family.

My Father : (Brief Essay)

My father is very kind-hearted person who shares all my happy and sad moments. He guides me in taking decisions and helps be take the right steps. He is always my best friend whom I can trust on. I have seen my father working hard for the family and most importantly, he has succeeded for his hard work. He is a man of humanity and ethics. He taught me how to respect others, help the needy and face the life’s challenges.

Every father is a gem to the family. He will be role-model for his children and they will reflect his behaviors, attitudes, and manners. When a father shows love and is affectionate to the family, the children learn from him. Every father is a man who sacrifices his own happiness, ambitions and dreams for the sake of his family. A father has a great role to play in the life of the kid.

So, similar to mother’s day, Father’s day is also becoming quite a hype of celebration. People have started observing this day to honor their father and think of what all their father has sacrificed done for them all through the life.

This father’s day, let us celebrate the hero of every child – the father.

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