My father is my best friend


15 lines about My father is my best friend

  • My father is my best friend
  • Only a father can be a good mentor
  • My father is my guide
  • He teaches me new things everyday
  • No one can replace my father in my life
  • There is only one source of happiness in everyone’s life – father and mother.
  • One such happiness always resides in my heart. I love my father very much.
  • He is a loving and caring very much.
  • If there is some one whom I can trust during tough times, is my father.
  • He helps me when I suffer with my academics.
  • The happiest days are those that I spent with my father.
  • My father is the hero of my life.
  • I love him very much.
  • I will make him feel proud of me one day

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