My Ambition – Water Conservation Scientist


My Ambition – Water Conservation Scientist :

  • Water is an important element of life
  • But, water resources are being exploited nowadays
  • I want to focus my life on Water Conversation
  • My aim is to become a Water Conservation Scientist in my life
  • I want to participate in the conservation of world’s resources that are much essential for survival

My Ambition – Water Conservation Scientist : (Short Essay)

We all would have heard the slogan “Save Water to Save Life”. As students who are going to become the future of India and hope of the world we should think about the necessity of Conservation of Energy. Water- “one of the major parts of vital resources for life on Earth”  needs attention and has to be conserved so as to ensure that clean water is available for the generations to come. My biggest ambition in life is to become a Water Conservation Scientists who

  • Fosters sustainable water conservation practices using various applications of Water Conservation Science and Engineering
  • Provides Technological solutions to Water related Environmental issues
  • Helps the Society with various methodologies to save water effectively so that it can be used now and saved for future too

My aim will definitely be fulfilled in future. My parents and teachers are a great support for me in my path towards my ambition of life.

My Ambition – Water Conservation Scientist : (Brief Essay)

Every year, in our school we have separate sessions on Environmental Science. Our school focuses much on environmental issues and solutions for the same. In our school, we believe that the environment can be kept clean and the world can be made a better place only the collective effort of everyone. So, we are motivated to have a brief study on various issues of our planet like:

  • Pollution
  • Global Warming
  • Extreme Climate Change

On a deep understanding of how our Earth is today, one thing realized is that the essential resources of the Planet are exploited and contaminated to a great level. One of the main elements without which life on Earth would not be possible is Water.

Only after knowing the effects and consequences of Water based issues in the environment I stepped into the idea of Water Conservation. Water Conservation is the need of the hour. Nowadays, I am giving a lot of time to this prevailing environmental issue. This interest on Water Conservation has induced me to become a Water Conservation Scientist in the future. While there are many to aim on the common fields, I wish to become a Water Conservation Scientist.

Though it sounds vague to me now, I am sure I can help the society in many ways like Water Resource Management, Rain Water Harvest, Water Filtration Systems and so on. Only when young minds like us step on to arenas that consider the ideal steps to save our planet and takes efforts to conserve energy for future others would also be motivated towards Conservation for creating a clean and sustainable environment.

I am confident on my aim in life and I am sure I will definitely become a Water Conservation Scientist one day.

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