My Ambition in Life – Space Scientist


My Ambition in Life – Space Scientist :

  • The only aim in my life is to become a Space Scientist
  • My love on Space Science has induced me to make it the part of my life
  • My parents encourage me towards my aim in life always
  • I keep learning more on Space Science everyday
  • I will definitely make my dream true one day

My Ambition in Life – Space Scientist : (Short Essay)

Each and everybody has ambition in life. Having a specific aim in life is very important. We cannot succeed unless we have a focused target. Such a target in my life is Space Science. My interest on Space Science is increasing day by day. The love I have on the atmosphere around and my curiosity to explore more and more has instilled a thought inside me. I wish to become a Space Scientist in future. With the help of my Science Teacher, I am getting updates on recent technologies and concepts of Space Science. One day, I will become a great Space Scientist and make my parents and teachers proud of me.

My Ambition in Life – Space Scientist : (Brief Essay)

Every time I learn about Space, it provokes me to be a part of it. Looking at the stars, I always wonder what makes them so important in:

  • The weather reports that we see in television and newspapers everyday
  • The satellite television that is a great entertainment today
  • High-tech defense that protect so many nations from their enemies

What inspired me towards Space Science is the contribution of great Scientists like Vikram Sarabhai and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Many other Indian scientists have proved themselves in International level.Because of such great Scientists, India is today considered as one of the scientific powerhouses of the world.

Furthermore, when I explore about the field of Space Science I came to know that it is a demanding field of study. Many of my seniors and teachers told me that becoming a Space Scientist requires a lot of motivation and dedicated hard work for years. I also learnt from my Science Teacher that to be a Space Scientist I need to enhance my knowledge  in Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, and other such courses. Right from that day, I started showing special interest on these subjects. My teachers take care of preparing study materials in Space Science and they insist me to learn more about space exploration and all the phenomena that occurrring in outer space


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