My Ambition in Life – Organic Food Production


My Ambition in Life – Organic Food Production :

  • My father is a farmer
  • So, I always wish to bring up agriculture in India to a great level
  • I wish to see myself as a great part in the Organic Food Production in future
  • Organic Food Production is the need of the hour
  • I will lead others towards the same in future

My Ambition in Life – Organic Food Production : (Short Essay)

A farmer is a reason for the good and quality food we have everyday. But, the statement applies only for people who lived a decade ago. Nowadays, though farmers work hard there are people who use shortcuts to produce just foods that are less organic and those that lead to health issues. I am keenly watching everything that is happening around us. So I wish to kindle my passion to join the natural and organic food production industry. This would definitely be a blooming field in the future. I will definitely help the promotion of good quality food again in India. This is the ambition of my life.

My Ambition in Life – Organic Food Production : (Brief Essay)

If we are really aware of the food production process in every nation, we would understand the importance of Organic Foods. My father is a great businessman and we own an Organic Farm. Our organic farm is a very vast one and we grow lots of fruits and vegetables in our farm.

Whenever I see my father, I wish to be a businessman like him. My father is an illiterate, but through his inborn skills, he became such a big businessman. I am his follower and I am sure I will help him in future. But my ambition in life is not to just become a businessman, but much more than that.

As a student, I know how foods are produced today. Most of the food (Fruits and vegetables) we have today are grown in a faster rate using external processes and dangerous pesticides are used for crops. We can hardly see natural pesticides and conventional methods of growing crops/trees/plants. I want to take up my higher studies in the field of Organic Food Production. It is a great thing to know that organic food production is the natural way and it better for the environment. Also, many birds and animals survive depending on the existence of a balanced ecosystem. By introducing organic food production everywhere, we can ensure the same happens in future.

So, I want to become a great businessman who is not greedy about making money alone. I want to dedicate my hard work on Organic Food Production so that the whole mankind will be benefited.

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