Mother’s Day 2019


Few Lines on Mother’s Day

  1. As we all know every mother is special and there is no equivalent to her. As amazing as an angel she is the one who bears the whole family in her back. A mother sees her family as the whole world and for the same she almost gives up her needs too. Mothers Day is celebrated every year to not only thank this wonder woman but also to call to mind what the world would become without a woman like her. This day reminds us of all that she has done to us from the first day of our life and what she would be doing to keep us happy till the end of our life.
  2. A mother is:
    a. A care taker who expects nothing in return.
    b. A well wisher who stays by our side in every turn
    c. A teacher who corrects us every time we go wrong
    d. A guide to right path in every walk of our life
    e. A full time worker who works round the clock to keep us moving without any difficulty
    f. A precious gift who can never be replaced by anyone else in our life
    I wish all such mothers a magnificent Mothers Day 2018!
  3. Among all the special days in a year, Mothers Day is a huge day. Ever since we knew a day called Mothers Day, one thing that comes to our mind is the Love of our Mother. She is a great woman who has dedicated her life and designed our life from Day 1. Without her support, even the smallest things in life would have gone impossible. She is the biggest wall in everyone’s life which protects us from all dangers. A mother is a gem who needs the utmost attention in our life; not only on Mother’s Day but every day.

Mother’s Day (200 Words)

Sometimes I wonder why we celebrate certain people in our life. Should there be a reason for it? If reasons are the root for a celebration then Mothers day is celebrated with the strongest reasons. A mother who can never be substituted needs a salute. May be that is why we celebrate Mothers Day. A mother’s love is endless and goes beyond imagination. May be that is why we need to thank her through the Mothers Day.

No matter what the reason is, a mother deserves much more than what she gets. She is an unbounded tender woman who can behold the family 24/7. Only with a being like her, any family gets complete. Even before we start learning from school, she begins to shape us from home. And no wonder home is not a home without our mother in it.

A mother is so compassionate that she keeps her family above all her priorities. Only after all that she has done for children she would think about her tasks to be done. Be it a sunny day or a gloomy day, she is the final source of all energies in our life; so, let’s salute her throughout our life.

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