Most Memorable Day of My Life


Most Memorable Day of My Life :

  • The most memorable day of my life is my brother’s birthday
  • I felt so happy seeing him near me
  • My brother is a precious treasure for me
  • Without him, life would be a lonely journey
  • His birth is an unforgettable moment for me in my life

Most Memorable Day of My Life : (Short Essay)

The most memorable day of my day is my visit to Mudhumalai forest. The day I went there was a great experience with nature. I was able to admire the beauty of nature on that day. All the sceneries and animals. I saw in the forest are really unforgettable. One sad thing I knew is that the number of animals in the forest has considerably decreased. This is definitely due to human activities. Our tourist guide told that wild fires are getting common in the forest nowadays. The visit to the forest was an eye opener for me. After the visit, I learnt the importance of nature. The trip was definitely a memorable one and I have the pictures of the same safely, till this day.

Most Memorable Day of My Life : (Brief Essay)

The most memorable day of my life is the day My Father became the Manager of his Company.

My father is my only Hero. His experiences and hard work are my great lessons of life. Without his guidance, I would have become a mediocre today.

Such a person has been struggling as an officer for many years. Still, he never thought that his hard works are not at all answered. He was very generous and was working tirelessly. The fruits of his hard work were not far away. Then came the day on which he got his promotion.

My father was promoted as Manager last year (date). The day which I will never forget is the day my father felt so happy and proud. The reason for his happiness was not only the promotion but also the appreciation party kept specially for him. My father was specially invited to come for the party with us. Only when I went to the party understood and knew the list of achievements my father made all through the years. Everyone praised him a lot and it was a proud and overwhelming moment for my mother and me. Had we not gone for the party, we would have missed the great event.

That day was the most memorable day of my life and from then I have started working hard for my success – with Patience and Perseverance!

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