Modern Life – Makes Us Healthy or Weak?


Modern Life – Makes Us Healthy or Weak? :

  • Modern Life is fanatic filled with fun and frolic
  • Our lifestyle has changed and we live in a modern world
  • Modern life makes us weaker in many ways
  • Science and Technology has advanced a lot
  • But, Modern Life does not lead to a healthy life

Modern Life – Makes Us Healthy or Weak? : (Short Essay)

What is modern life? In simple words, modern life has made everything fast – Fast communication, Fast production, Fast education, Fast food and so on. With our new ways of living, we have been seeing rapid changes around. Fast is good, but fast in everything is not going to help in living a healthy life.  We become healthy by eating natural foods, taking a walk to the nearby place, doing simple works ourselves and such other activities. But, modern life is slowing reducing all these things which definitely is not a good sign for us. By only accepting simple and good activities that lead a healthy life, we can lead a happy life.

Modern Life – Makes Us Healthy or Weak? : (Brief Essay)

The topic does not in to become a good debate – but also is a question that needs to rise in the minds of each and every one of us.

Modern life is a way of living which has separated man from nature. The life span of man was more than hundred years in ancient period. It slowly came down and was 80 to 85 years few decades back. Now, it has reduced even to 70 to 75 years or lesser. This clearly indicates that the way of life we are following is not right.

The kids today sit under air conditioner during summer and have heater during winter. This makes their body less adaptable to climatic changes; hence they become very weak and less immune. The rapid changes in our world have left us only with falling health. Fast foods are easy to prepare, but are they good for health is a big question mark.

When it comes to entertainment, the whole meaning of the word has changed. There was a time when kids played in the ground and run all around. This, in a way, improved their health and in another way built relationships. Kids nowadays like racing cars, play stations, television programs and internet browsing.

Newly invented equipment, highly advanced technologies and big factories have led to unemployment problems in society, laziness among individuals, pollution in the environment and health hazards due to usage or consumption of products.

There are much more things that can be quoted; modern life has lots of disadvantages over advantages. Before we meet the consequences face to face, it is time to wake up and rectify my mistakes as much as possible. A healthy world is much important than a fast moving world.

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