Manners Maketh Man


Manners Maketh Man :

  • Manners are very important for a man
  • A man without manners is not a disciplined
  • We should learn good manners from young age
  • Manners give us a good impression in front of others
  • We should shape ourselves with good manners

Manners Maketh Man : (Short Essay)

Manners are very important for any person. Manners build a great personality. When we try to make ourselves a good person we become an outstanding character. We are what we think and we become what we do. So a well mannered person is a person of compassion. When we express gentleness in whatever we do, we set an example to others. Good manners do not come inside us in a day. We need to equip ourselves and learn a lot from others in order to become a person of manners. We should always remember that “Manners Maketh Man”.

Manners Maketh Man : (Brief Essay)

It is true that anyone likes a person who is kind and good to others. We should think where does this kindness come from. If we compare a person who is rude to a person who is soft we will then know the goodness of being mannered.

Manners make the Man. What does Manners mean?

  • Saying good morning when we see someone
  • Greeting and smiling at some unknown person
  • Being kind to someone who is harsh
  • Being well dressed, neat and clean always
  • Graceful in looks and behavior
  • And so on

A well mannered person is always correct in behavior.  A mannered man is an integral man. We can trust a person who is well mannered. We can learn a lot from a well mannered person and we can also be a good example if we are well mannered.

A mannered person will be good to anyone. He or she will not be biased on anyone. Life is a journey where we meet many people and depending on our behavior people stay or leave us. So we should make our mind and help others so that we stand as a mannered person in life.

The benefits of being well mannered is so much. We can see that people are more attracted to well mannered person. We become center of attraction if we are well mannered. We can also become popular because of conduct. Manners help us in a lot of ways; we can lead a peaceful life and make peace with others. This makes it possible for a positive approach in everything in life.

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