Malaysia Named World’s Medical Travel Destination for 2015


Malaysia Named World’s Medical Travel Destination for 2015

International Medical Travel Journal or also known as IMKT named Malaysia as Medical Travel Destination of the Year. The country is boosting for medical tourism sector. The good news is that the country won the award,which handed by Royal Garden Hotel located in London.’s-Medical-Travel-Destination-for-2015.jpg

Malaysia was chosen based on excellence that promotes inbound medical tourism. It was verified based on the yearly growth as well as evidence on high patient satisfaction. Also, Sherene Azura Azli which is the CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council was the one who received the award In 2009, Malaysis Healthcare Travel Council or MHTC was established under Ministry of Health in promoting and developing the healthcare travel industry.

There are 13 awards that handed out which were Healthcare Provider and Agency, Overall Achievement, Quality and Service and Marketing. The private hospitals of MAlaysia received numerous awards namely best quality initiative of the year, excellence in customer service, international cosmetic surgery clinic of the year, best travel website of the year and International dental clinic of the year. The good thing is that there are 2 hospitals that are highly commended: the Imperial dental Specialist Centre and Prince Court Medical Centre for their highly commended customer service and travel website.

In 2007, IMJT was established and it is a prestigious award recognizing excellence, best practices and innovation in medical tourism sector and medical travel. It’s judged by independent panel experts of medical travel. Malaysia as one of the countries in Asia immense potential as one of the best medical tourism sector.

Another thing is that healthcare in Malaysia is under responsibility of government’s Ministry of Health. They have widespread system and efficient system of healthcare that operates 2 tier health care system that consist both co-existing private and government-run universal health care system.

Malaysia: A Nice Country to Visit

Because of the fact that the country is well known for their medical tourism, they are a good choice because they can provide the treatment you are looking for. The good thing is that they were recognized as one of the best. When it comes to price or fees, they have lower rates of operations compared to other countries. If you want to ensure that you get the treatment you need, make a good choice. Malaysia is one of the countries you can visit for medical tourism.

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