Letter to Participate in All India Essay Writing Competition


A letter is a substitute of a person speaking to someone in real. Everything in a letter from address, salutation till thanking reflects yourself. So, make sure you write a letter in the best way. Below is a sample Letter to Participate in All India Essay Writing Competition and you can use the same for related contents. The parts of the letters marked in blue require your details; so fill in appropriate information while writing the letter.

(Write your name here),
(your standard),
(Your School Name)
(City) (Zip Code).

The Director,
(Name of the Institute),
(City), (Zip Code).

Sir/Madam, I hereby request you to accept my entry form for participating in the “All India Essay Writing Competition” scheduled to be conducted on (xx.yy.zzzz). I have enclosed the following documents for further proceedings:

  1. Entry Form for the Competition (Filled & Signed)
  2. Essay on “Man and Life” as announced to be submitted along with the Entry Form for Selection
  3. A Bank Draft (No. MMNNDDSS dated – Bank Name, City) for Rs. 250/- only

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

(your signature)

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