Letter Requesting Entry For a Scholarship Program


A letter is a substitute of a person speaking to someone in person. Everything in a letter from address, salutation till thanking reflects yourself. So, make sure you write a letter in the best way. Below is a sample Letter Requesting Entry For a Scholarship Program and you can use the same for related contents.

The parts of the letters marked in blue require your details; so fill in appropriate information while writing the letter.


(Write your name here),
(your standard),
(Your School Name)
(Zip Code).


The Director,
(Name of the Scholarship Program),
(Zip Code).


I read your advertisement in “The Hindu” (Advertisement Post on – xx.yy.zzzz) pertaining to an invitation to students for a Youth Scholarship Program. For the same, I am submitting my application along with the following documents enclosed with this letter:

  1. The Entry Form for the Youth Scholarship Program (Filled & Signed)
  2. 2 Photocopies of X Std Examination Mark-sheets
  3. 2 Photocopies of all the awards and certificated I have received for Academic Excellence
  4. 2 Photocopies of Certificates won in extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

(your signature)

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