Las Vegas Weather in May


Las Vegas Weather in May

May weather in Las Vegas sees a steady rise in temperature from the beginning of the month to the end. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas in May you should get to enjoy some really terrific weather unless you are very unlucky in a city that was built on luck. average daily high temperature in Las Vegas in the first week of May is slightly above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature is normally right around 60. Typically in Las Vegas the record highs are about 20 degrees above the normal high, so a 100-degree day is possible. The record low is a little above 40, so you could encounter nighttime weather that will require a jacket, so you will want to look at the weather forecast before you pack for your Las Vegas vacation in early May.

The daily high temperature in Las Vegas in the middle of the month of May is normally around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low is little above 60 for a normal Las Vegas evening. The record highs can reach 105, and the record lows are still in the low 40s. The warmer Las Vegas weather in the middle of May will probably make sunning by the pool more satisfying for most people. The low humidity in Las Vegas will keep all but a record hot day feeling cooler than you may believe if you haven’t visited the desert Southwest before.

By the end of May the average daily high temperature in Las Vegas is in the mid 90s, and the low is in the mid 60s. Again, it will feel cooler than that to most people, and you can still golf and participate in other outdoor activities during the entire day unless you encounter an unusually hot day. The low temperature is now nearly 70 on a normal day, making May mornings in Las Vegas extremely enjoyable.

The Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas may be the most pleasant 3-day holiday of the year, from a weather standpoint, in this tourist city. The evenings are warm enough that jackets won’t be needed, and shorts and short-sleeved shirts can be worn all day and night. If you are planning on swimming you will find the weather to be perfect in the end of May, not too hot but very warm. If you want to golf you will need to use sunscreen and bring water, but you probably won’t get overheated, although you may want to consider an earlier tee time just in case the weather is a little warmer than normal.

May is also one of the drier months in this dry desert city. If it happens to rain while you are visiting Las Vegas in May it will almost certainly be a short, light rain. The stormy time of year in Las Vegas, if you can even call it that, is July and August, thunderstorms in Las Vegas are very rare in May. The worst weather that you could see would be an unusually hot day, or perhaps a windy day, but overall Las Vegas weather in May is usually ideal.

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