Jio – A Revolution In Telecom Sector


Jio – A Revolution In Telecom Sector :

If you see the vote of every mobile user over the last few months, it says one single name Jio!

The new Reliance Jio is unquestionably a grand dare to the other strong market players. I would indeed call the others a voracious gang of players who were charging their customers massively. All the customers out there; who thought were charged right! – It is time to wake up! It is time to get in touch with a brand that is worth your money!

The first big revolution that Jio Sim has made in the sector us the VoLTE, that is, Voice over LTE. This is a brand new feature that is new to India; but after you try using this Sim you would find the feature far better than the normal voice calls. For this, you need to ensure that your Smartphone supports VoLTE.

Don’t you really crave for a service that provides you with free calls?

Jio is up with absolutely free calls and free SMS with all the pack (100 free SMS per day). What makes the race really interesting is the free roaming that Reliance Jio offers nationwide. While it comes to roaming calls, customers were worried about the separate payment they need to make for cost cutting during Roaming calls and getting rid of the same was a nightmare. Yet another advantage of Jio is that with the payment you make for Data, you are fit to enjoy all these features from Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio provides free data (the amount of data provided changes from pack to pack) which is a great advantage of the service. So, yes it is time to visualize a great Revolution ahead of us. With Reliance Jio, we can see the time of Paid Calls and Paid SMS coming to a stage of termination.

One another vision that can be rightly confronted is the concept of DIGITAL INDIA put forward by our Prime Minister –Narendra Modi. I am not here to categorize the pros & cons or reality and truth concealed behind the ideas of Mukesh Ambani’s Jio. All I see in this whole strategy is that it goes in line with the Digitalization concept that requires the education of Digital concepts to everyone. Making the right use of a service and bringing up a vision to limelight is what I really call a revolution – and Jio is the right call for it!

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