Jallikattu :

  • Jallikattu could be referred to as Eru Thazhuvuthal/Manju virattu
  • It is practiced in Tamilnadu as a part of pongal celebration on the 3rd day of the festival
  • It is an ancient sport believed to have been practiced 2500 years ago in which bag of coins are tied to the bulls horns
  • Bulls that wins is used to service numerous cows preserving the native breed

Jallikattu : (Short Essay)

Jallikattu was banned of being played as a sport by Supreme Court of India. Environment ministry amended the imposed ban on jallikattu.This was challenged by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as they say that bulls were bitten, dragged and twisted on the ground. In January 2016, Central Government lifted the ban on Jallikattu on request of Tamil Nadu Government.

PETA insists people that it is the duty of the citizens to show compassion towards all the living creatures.

Jallikattu : (Brief Essay)

Tamilians consider jallikattu as their pride as the sport has been played for years. The sport is witnessed by thousands of people attempting to tame the bull by latching its horns in which coins are tied. The protests were started by a group of youngsters on Marina Beach, Chennai demanding that the ban be lifted as it reflects the Tamilian culture. It was a peaceful protest and it spreads to the nook and corner of the country. Not only on India, protests held everywhere in the world where Tamilians resides.

The protester wants PETA to be banished from the country and the bulls to be amended in the list of trained animals. This mass protest has paved the way for amendment on jallikattu. On January 21, state government has passed the amendment on jallikattu.

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