ISRO creates a History


ISRO creates a History with its PSLV C37 Launch

  • The Indian Space Research organization (ISRO) made a historic feat by sending 104 satellites in mission.
  • The heavy duty rocket was named PSLV C37, carrying 104 satellites
  • The PSLV was launched on February 15, 2017 at 9:28 am.
  • ISRO successfully created a world record, after launching this mission, for highest number of satellites sent to space.
  • The PSLV held 101 Nano satellites from other countries along with three ISRO Nano satellites.

ISRO creates a History with its PSLV C37 Launch : (Short Essay)

This historic feat was launched on February 15, 2017 at 9:28 am. The mission was launched from the Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The heavy duty rocket, named PSLV C37, was placed in the destination orbit moments after its launch.

The PSLV made history in world space science after sending 104 satellites in one mission. The 104 satellites included 96 US satellites and 5 other country satellites along with India’s Cartosat-2 and two smaller nano-satellites. The C37 holding these satellites was launched at 9:28 am from the Sriharikota launch pad. The satellite was placed in the destined orbit approximately after 28 minutes of its launch, as mentioned records from the mission control centres.

According to ISRO, all of these satellites will be injected to the polar Sun Synchronous Orbit at different angles, at different slots and at different times.

ISRO creates a History with its PSLV C37 Launch : (Brief Essay)

The Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) is one of the highly reputed space research organizations for its successful endeavors. Recently ISRO has made history, after the launch of its PSLV satellite mission in February 2017. In this launch, ISRO has managed to successfully send 104 satellites to the space. This launch is so far considered the first of its kind, since there were no earlier records of launching more than hundred satellites in a single mission. Previously, Russia held a record for launching 37 satellites in 2014 and India launched 23 satellites in 2015. Now India has made a history.

PSLV-C37 was launched from the First Launch Pad at the Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on February 15, 2017 at 9:28 am. The satellite was placed at its destined orbit.

The PSLV carried the main satellite Cartosat-2 weighing 714 kilogram for earth observation and other 103 smaller “nano satellites” weighing a total of 664 kilograms. Most of the nano satellites are from foreign countries with 96 from the US and others from Israel, the Netherlands, the UAE, Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

The government of India is pleased with the ISRO’s progress and has announced 23 percent increase in its annual budget this year.

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