I love my school


I love my school

  • My school is a very fun place where I go every day.
  • I go to school to study, read, and play.
  • My teachers teach me well and are very friendly.
  • I love my school very much. It is a place where I learn to grow.
  • My school teaches me respect, honest, and to be creative and responsible in the society.

I love my school (Short essay) :

My school is a very beautiful place where I go every day. I study and play at school. Our school starts with a prayer in the morning and we all wear a uniform. My school teaches me discipline and respect. We are taught to show respect to our teachers and elders. My school is very clean and hygienic place. It is located in a pleasant environment surrounded by trees and lawn. I go to school by bus. I enjoy my ride to the school with my friends and teachers. I love my school very much that I eagerly wait every day to go to school.

I love my school (Brief essay) :

My school name is [——]. It is located in a beautiful place with green trees and storey buildings. The school campus is full of grassy lawns, flowers, and clean environment. The place is out of the town, without any noise or pollution. We are requested to attend the school on daily basis, wearing the proper uniform. My school teaches me discipline, respect, and responsibility.

I love my school because it has lots of facilities. There is a big playground, a computer lab, library, science labs, prayer hall, and a cafeteria. There are so many students studying in the school from Kindergarten to higher secondary classes. My school has more than 50 teachers, helpers, and security keepers. There are both indoor and outdoor games facilities on the school campus. We are allowed to play football, tennis, basketball, carom, chess, and other indoor games. There are also so many extra-curricular activities present within the campus. We have dancing, karate, music, swimming, etc.

My school organizes the annual day and sports day every year. We enjoy our rallies, games, competitions, dances, and drama during the annual events. It will be fun and enthusiastic. I love to participate in all those activities. We also celebrate Teacher’s day, Children’s day, Independence Day, Republic day and other major national events as well.

The teachers in my school are very genuine and friendly to the student. They are caring and kind to us and teaches us to follow discipline and good habits. They help us learn subjects easily and teach us in creative and interesting ways. They teach not only subject education but also moral education and social responsibility. My school never allows unfair behavior and undisciplined activities and such students are punished then and there. My school is the best school. I love going to my school.

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