How to write informal letter. Give examples and format of informal letter


Informal letter is a sort of personal letter written to friends or relatives, in a personal tone. Informal letters are written in a non-professional setting, even with colleagues.

Rules for writing informal letter

Unlike formal letters that require so many rules, informal letters are quite easier to write. Informal letters need to address the reason of the letter to the concerned person in a casual and friendly way. Whether you are writing an informal letter to congratulate someone or give advice, you can use a personal or emotional tone. Informal letters are written to friends, parents, siblings, relatives, or any closed ones. On the contrary to formal letters, informal letters are written for personal communication and does not need to be short or concise in length.

There are several parts of an informal letter.

The first thing is the sender’s name and address on the top-left side of the page.

Right next to it, is the date of the letter. This is for the reference purpose so that the reader can relate to the contents.

The letter needs to have an informal greeting for the receiver. If you are writing a letter to relatives, you can mention their relation name with ‘dear’ greeting. For friends, colleagues, and other closed ones, you can address their name along with the greeting. However, for those you want to show respect, you have to include Mr. or Mrs. before their name.

The Introductory Paragraph of informal letters need to set the right tone asking the wellbeing of the recipient and hope for their good health and happiness. The tone of the letter needs to be casual and comforting.

The Body of the Letter can be written elaborate and in a friendly manner. However, you can use the language and wordings according to the person you are addressing. It can be either casual or respectful and considerate.

The Concluding paragraph of an informal letter needs to sum up the letter with a meaningful goodbye. Also, show an intention with an invite to reply back to keep the conversation going.

The final sign off in informal letters is the Signature. It can be in many ways using phrases such as Best Wishes, Lots of Love, Kind Regards, Kindly, or anything more affectionate or respectful.

Some of the topics for informal letters are letter to invite a friend, advise someone, apologize, congratulate, say condolences, and thank someone or more.

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